Criteria 7

Institutional Values and Best Practices

Institutional Values and Best Practices :

  • Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities: The Institute is keen on gender equity and organizes promotion programs and provides required facilities. LED lightings are used to reduce the usage of power. The Institute has an effective waste management system. Rain water harvesting system is in place. The institute has green landscaping with lush-green garden, plants and trees all around the campus. The campus is a plastic free zone. The college encourages usage of bicycles, public transport and pedestrian friendly roads to avoid environmental pollution and created facilities for differently abled people. It has a code of conduct for all students and staff. To promote universal values college organizes national festivals. It maintains complete transparency in all its functions.
  • Best Practices: Among the best practices followed in the Institute the emphasis is given to the following:
    • “The Student Mentoring System”- where individual attention is given to the student for their all round development.
    • “Student Activity Forums for Excellence”-which provide opportunities to a large number of students of similar skills to come together and exhibit their techno-cultural talents.
  • Institutional Distinctiveness: The Institute takes pride in the transformation of economically and socially weak students into successful professionals.
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