Criteria 6

Governance, Leadership and Management

Governance, Leadership and Management :

  • Institutional Vision and Leadership: To achieve the stated vision and mission, the Institute involves all the stake holders in governing the institution. The Principal involves the heads of the departments in the administrative & academic matters.Participative management is ensured with various committees comprising faculty members & students.
  • Strategy Development and Deployment: Institute has implemented e-governance in the areas of finance and accounts, administration.
  • Faculty Empowerment Strategies: Institute has made efforts to empower the faculty by organizing a number of FDPs by inviting senior faculty and eminent persons from other institutes and industry. The Institute supports the faculty members for research publication & attaining higher qualifications. An effective performance appraisal system is available to understand the needs of teaching and non teaching staff.
  • Financial Management and Resource Mobilization: All financial transactions are audited annually. The main source of income is tuition fee, also bank loans are availed to meet financial requirements of the Institute. The college has also received funds through goverment agencies for research activities.
  • Internal Quality Assurance System: To ensure the quality education, the college has constituted an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the year 2016 and it has organized a total of nine programs on administrative and quality.
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