Department of Marine Engineering

Pre-Placement Training

With the industry becoming more competitive, companies are becoming more and more strategic in selection of the recruits. The industry nowadays not only looks for technical skills but also the overall personality of its recruits and professionalism.

To bridge the gap between requirements of the industry and the skills of the students Pre-Placement Training is organised to all students entering seventh semester. The Pre Placement Training aimed at sharpening the skills of individual's, for success in placement tests. It lays high emphasis on technical and non-technical pre-placement training, which will prepare students to excel at interviews and recruitment processes. Students are constantly motivated through counselling, to boost their morale. Students are also informed and advised on the importance of maintaining good academic scores as these play a major role during recruitment.

The objective of our Pre-Placement training programme is to bridge the gap between the corporate and the campus. We provide the requisite training right from building an employable resume to successful interviews that makes the candidates ready for acquisition by the corporates.

In addition, Employer specific training is also arranged. Mock test is made mandatory for all 2nd and 3rd year students. Students have to take on mock test every week and will be incorporated in the regular time table.

Contents of Pre-Placement Training for the Students

  • 1
    Effective Communication
  • 2
    How to face Interviews
  • 3
    Business English
  • 4
    Logical Reasoning
  • 5
    Aptitude Training
  • 6
    Resume Building
  • 7
    Comprehension Skills
  • 8
    Communication Skills
  • 9
    Business Etiquette
  • 10
    Workplace Skills
  • 11
    Mock Placement Tests
  • 12
    Mock Interviews

The students have been doing well at the campus / off-campus interviews conducted by MNCs. All departments had achieved remarkably very good placements in the Last academic years and would like to continue with the same endeavours to 100% placements for coming academic years.

Marine Engineering Skill Development Training

Besides the academic and theoretical qualifications, the Marine Engineering Department provides technical and professional training to the students. The training is provided to develop certain technical and psychological skills to work in any position on board vessel or in an industry.

  • Professional training:
    The department provides training tailored for cracking the sponsorship exams for shipping companies and also training on fire and operational safety procedures.
  • Ship model building:
    The department provides training to build the scaled ship models and cross sections of ship structural elements. These models are on display in the department for students to visualize and learn.
  • Parade:
    Department organizes regular parade sessions for all marine students to inculcate discipline, teamwork and professionalism.
  • Industry-academia interactions:
    The department organizes interactions with industry personnel like chief engineers and operational engineers with vast sailing experience. Regular industrial visits are also organised to shipyards, ports and thermal power plants to familiarize industry practices and regulations.
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