Department Of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Laboratory Facilities

The department has 11 laboratories and are well equipped with instruments like Digital Trainer Kits, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Power Supply Units, Interface Kits etc. Softwares like Xilinx, Keil, Matlab are used in VLSI, DSP, Microprocessor and Microcontroller labs. The computer terminals are connected to Windows/Linux servers, having individual hard disks. The department is well equipped with all the necessary software required to carry out project work. These facilities are exclusively for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Electronics and communication engineering.


  • 1
    Analog Electronics Lab
  • 2
    Logic Design Lab
  • 3
    Micro Controllers Lab
  • 4
    HDL Lab
  • 5
    DSP Lab
  • 6
    Analog Communication Lab
  • 7
    Advanced Communication Lab
  • 8
    Microprocessor Lab
  • 9
    VLSI Lab
  • 10
    Power Electronics Lab
  • 11
    Project Lab
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