Department Of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Association of the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering ‘STEADY’ (Srinivas Techies Electronics Association of Dynamic Youngsters), provides opportunity to all the students of the department to conduct various technical and social events, helping them share and gain ideas, experience and knowledge from their peers. The technical events comprise of several hands on workshops, Technical quiz, programming contests etc.

The association organises outreach programs, social sensitisation programs for the benefit of public etc. To motivate the students, following awards are given from the association.

  • Best Outgoing Student Award
  • Best Project Award
  • Merit Award

The Alumni contribute to this forum by guiding their juniors on academics, placement and career. This association provides opportunity for the students to enhance their leadership and technical skills.

The department has dedicated clubs to increase the students’ logical, sequential thinking skills. One such club is ‘Team Spectrum’ where our students group together to design and build robots. The team participated in National events and hosts events like Robo sumo and Robo soccer.

The department has dedicated forums like ISTE, IETE which aim at igniting their talents in technical and cultural areas by conducting competitions, Technical talks, seminar and quiz.

Office bearers and student coordinators for the year 2022-23
Sl.No. Photo Name Office-bearers
1 Dr. Soorya Krishna K Honorary President
2 Prof. Flavita Pinto Coordinator
3 Mr. Sanathkumar President
4 Ms. Niharika Vice President
5 Ms. Shivali Arvind Savant Secretary
6 Ms. Neha Y Naik Joint Secretary

STEADY Association for the academic year 2022-2023

Outreach Program

Swachtha Pakwada

Faculty Development Programs

March Past during Sports Day

Interclass competitions

Design thinking workshop for students

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