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Inauguration of ISAP - 2021

Information Search and Analysis (ISAP) is done before starting the project or any work by a person or in a company. Presentation of the analyzed data in a presentable form is very important. Realizing this, every year program is conducted for the III sem students. The ISAP-2021 program was inaugurated on 25-11-2021 by Ms. Vaishnavi. She explained to the students about the importance of information search in the corporate world. Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D., Principal of the college, president of the function, urged the students to actively participate in the presentations, improve the presentation, and communication skills. Dr. Soorya Krishna K, H.O.D,  coordinator of ISAP, gave a brief overview of ISAP 2021. All the 3rd sem students presented on a topic of their choice which is relevant to the respective branch on 25-12-2021.

November 25,2021 Posted By SIT