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SIT Innovation Club and Yukti Cell under IIC conducted an IDEATION competition on 19/11/2022. Different themes were given to the students and they have to present a solution to the problem. Twenty students presented their ideas at this event. The students pitched their ideas on the themes like Bio-Degradable water bottles, Use/Reuse of condemned vehicles/Buses, Efficient Farming/selling of crops, Decreasing Queues at Billing counters in shopping centers/retail stores, Bio-degradable Banners/posters or alternative methods of regular banners to make them nature friendly, Waste Management and Disaster Management by using IoT. Two sessions were conducted in parallel. Prof. Sathish Kumar from ECE, Dr. Rajech D S from CSE, Dr. Rajesh from AE and Prof. Sudarshan from IS were the judges for the sessions. Prof. Chandra Jogi and Soorya Krishna K coordinated the program.

November 19,2022 Posted By SIT