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Inauguration of Srinivas Student's Open Source Community(SSOSC)

Srinivas Student's Open Source Community (SSOSC) was inaugurated on 17-6-2023. This community was formed with the objective that can provide a platform for students to enhance their technical skills, organize workshops, coding challenges, and mentorship programs to help students improve their programming, problem-solving, and software engineering abilities.The SSOSC logo was launched by Mr. Venkatesh P V (Director at Brevera Technologies). The SSOSC website was launched by principal Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D. The new designed SSOSC T-Shirts were launched by the dignitaries on the stage. The chief guest, Mr. Venkatesh P V, emphasized the importance of contributing to the open-source community, highlighting the benefits it can bring to the students' careers. Mr. Mohammed Raees, the founder of Rooloo Innovations Pvt Ltd, emphasized the value of undertaking projects during college days, as it helps students gain practical experience and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Mr. Sujith D, a Frontend Developer at Recruiterflow, shared his personal experience of using similar labs during his college life to acquire knowledge and skills. The function was presided by Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D and during his address, he motivated the students to make use of this lab to learn the latest technologies so that he students get skilled. Mr. Shailesh Shetty S Coordinator SSOSC, formally welcome all the dignitaries, Chief guests, teaching and non-teaching staff and students. Mr. Chinmaya Ramana A G, Student Coordinator of the SSOSC outlined the activities of the SSOSC community.

June 17,2023 Posted By SIT