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Inaugural function of AMARA 2021-22

The inaugural function of “AMARA”, Automobile and Aeronautical Association for the year 2021-22, was held on 29th October 2021 in Srinivas Institute of Technology, Valachil, Mangaluru. Mr Jayaprakash Rao K, Zone President, Public Relations Council of India Chief PRO, Aeronautical Development Agency, Bengaluru Regional PRO, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, was the Chief Guest of the function. Mr Jayaprakash Rao K, in his inaugural address to the students, stressed the importance and need for the involvement of the young generation in nation-building with a united effort to achieve the task. Later, he delivered an invited lecture on “Advancement of Science and Technology in India with a special reference to Defence”. Dr Ramakrishna N. Hegde, HOD of Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering, congratulated the association members for forming the association. Addressing this occasion, he urged the students to fully utilize the platform to develop their personal skills beyond and above academics. He also advised the students to organize quality activities and to take part in activities to showcase their hidden talents. Faculty advisers, Prof. Srinidhi Kukkila, introduced office bearers of AMARA for the year 2021-22 and the organizing secretary of AMARA Mr Suraj K proposed the activities of the association for the year 2021-22. The inaugural function was started with an invocation by Ms Sharnya and Suma 2nd Year, Aeronautical Engineering followed by the lighting lamp. Ms Rakshitha BN, president of AMARA introduced the chief guest. Mr Syed Mohtashim Ali, secretary of AMARA, welcomed the gathering and Mr Mahammad Thufail, Vice president of AMARA delivered the vote of thanks. Master of the ceremony was done by Ms Suhana Khanum and Mr Charan. The event was conducted successfully with the involvement of the Head of the Department, AMARA coordinator and association members.

October 29,2021 Posted By SIT