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Automobile & Aeronautical Association, AMARA and IPR-Cell SIT organized a hands-on-session on “Intellectual Property Rights & Prior Art Search” on 1st December 2023. This session aimed to provide final year aeronautical and automobile engineering students with practical insights into the complex realm of Intellectual Property Rights.The resource person for the seminar was Prof. Vivek Vijay Kumar, an esteemed Assistant Professor from the Department of Marine Engineering at SIT. Prof. Kumar's extensive expertise in Intellectual Property Rights enriched the session, guiding students through the intricacies of the subject matter.A total of 37 students from the 4th year of aeronautical engineering and 11 students from the 4th year of automobile engineering actively participated in the seminar. The hands-on approach allowed students to engage deeply with the nuances of Intellectual Property Rights and Prior Art Search.Dr. Gangadhara Rao efficiently coordinated the seminar, ensuring its smooth execution. The expert guidance of Dr. Ramakrishna N. Hegde, Head of the Department, and Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D, Principal of SIT, Mangaluru, further enhanced the quality of the event.

December 01,2023 Posted By SIT