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Exploring Challenges in Software Company through Exposure Visit

The students of 3rdsemester Computer science and Business System visited BB Leads , Mangaluru on 30-11-2023. This visit was organized by Association of Computer Science and Business System Department along with Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). The objectives of the visit is to identifying challenges faced by software firms.Students went to an exposure visit to a software business. IT specialists walked the students through the many tasks conducted by the organisation, as well as the company's work culture, dedication, Core technology Deployment, and maintenance. During the visit, the students were extremely proactive and addressed problem identification as a consequence of developing effective project ideas in their future aspects. Students also met with experts, who answered their questions about various skill sets that must be cultivated for the IT industry.The students presented a detailed overview of issues in the software firm and proposed practical solutions. They dug into technical details, explaining the challenges in the software system. Their suggestions were not just general but included specific technical fixes to enhance the overall functionality of the software.This visit was supported by our beloved principal Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D. and Dr. Ramakrishna N Hegde, Convenor of IIC and Head of the department AE and AU. The Event was successfully initiated and completed with the help of Shailesh S Shetty, Head of the Department CSBS. The visit was carried out under the guidance of Assistant Professor Gautham S Shetty, Department of CSBS..

November 30,2023 Posted By SIT