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DEPARTMENT OF ISE&AI-DS Session on “Indian Innovation Patenting Expedition”

Association of Information Science and Educatee (AISE) of ISE and the Association of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Educatee (AADE) of AI-DS organized a session on Topic Indian Innovation Patenting Expedition in collaboration with the IPR cell and IIC, on February 13, 2024, for pre-final year students of Information Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangaluru. Prof. Jayaram Thumbe, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Srinivas Institute of Technology, Valachil, Mangaluru., served as the session's resource person.During the discussion with students, the significance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) was thoroughly explored, encompassing various terms such as copyrights, patents, geographical indications, trademarks, trade secret protection, the process of applying for the patents, and rights against unfair competition. The umbrella term intellectual property was elucidated to cover a wide array of creations, including literary and artistic works, discoveries, inventions, and distinct symbols or designs. This program was supported by our beloved principal Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D. The program was Conducted with help of Dr. Ramakrishna N Hegde, Convenor IIC,SIT. The program was Organized by Prof. Sudarshan K, Head of the Department, IS&E, and Prof. Nagaraja Hebbar N, Head of the Department, AI-DS. This event is coordinated by Prof. Sowmya, Staff Advisor of AISE, and Prof. Sneha Bose Staff Advisor of AADE.

February 13,2024 Posted By SIT