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Webinar series on recent trends in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has conducted webinar sessions for the students from 22/06/2020 to 04/07/2020, with an aim of imparting insight &knowledge about the recent trends and developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Faculty members of the department have conducted a total of 24 webinar sessions: 8 sessions for final year students, 12 sessions for second &third year students together and 4 sessions for the first year students.The topics of webinar included Advances in bio-diesel, Material requirement planning, Bharath stage vehicles, Intelligent energy management systems in automobiles, Press tool and operations, Basics of CFD, Advances in plastic injection moulding, Softwares for LPP, Industrial robotics, Introduction to MINITAB, Applications of differential equations, Alcohol as an I. C engine fuel, Modern safety systems in automobile, High energy rate forming processes, Industry 4.0 boom accelerated by Covid-19, Design for manufacturing, Scope for mechanical engineers after graduation, Constructional features of CNC machines. As a part of webinar series two special sessions were conducted for second & third year students. On 29/06/2020 Mr. Rolston Machado, Third Engineer, Grade circle Shipping and also alumnus of SIT has delivered a session on “Marine Industry for Mechanical Engineers”. Another session was delivered by Mr. Yathin Krishna, Research Scholar, School of Engineering, Taylor’s UniversityMalaysia on “Recent Advancement in Nanotechnology in Solar Thermal Applications” on 04/07/2020. Students took keen interest in attending the webinar sessions and made use of the this Covid-19 time. Prof. Vasudeva P Bhat coordinated the webinar series with the guidance of Dr. ShrinivasaMayya D, Principal and Dr. Shankar K. S, HOD.

June 22,2020 Posted By SIT