Department of Nanotechnology


Srinivas Institute of Technology, a pioneer in the field of engineering education, had started B.E. in Nano Technology in the academic year 2013-2014, affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. At present, it is the only institute in Karnataka, which is offering a bachelor’s degree in Nano Technology, with the aim to provide exciting career opportunities. This degree will equip students to be a part of the new industrial revolution, a variety of scientific professions and to play a leading role in the future, as nanotechnology is poised to grow, mature and reveal its full potential.



To become a pioneer and a world class centre of excellence in academics and research in nano science and technology for the advancement of mankind and the nation.


To strive in attaining excellence consistently by adopting contemporary methods of teaching and learning to develop skills and to inculcate a research culture in the budding engineers, who can cater to the comfort and well being of society at large.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • 1
    To make our students competent in the field of nanotechnology and its allied areas.
  • 2
    To inculcate the capability to work as entrepreneurs and techno managers with strong ethics and communication skills.
  • 3
    To equip the students to pursue higher education and research in reputed institutes at national and international level.
  • 4
    To develop a working knowledge of nanotechnology product and processes.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSO)

  • Department of Nano Technology has specifically defined few objectives of this programme which make students realize the fact that the knowledge and techniques learnt in this course has direct implication for the betterment of society and its sustainability.
  • 1
    Acquire knowledge on the fundamentals of nanotechnology for sound and solid base which enables them to understand the emerging and advancedengineering concepts in engineering sciences and life sciences.
  • 2
    Acquire knowledge in domain of nanotechnology enabling their applications in industry and research.
  • 3
    Empower the students to acquire technological know how by connecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of nanotechnology.
  • 4
    Able to apply the knowledge of ethical and management principles required to work in a team as well as to lead a team.

Programme Outcome (PO)

Programme Outcomes describe graduate attributes i.e. what students are expected to know or will be able to do when they graduate from a programme.

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