A. Shama Rao Foundation SRINIVAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Mangaluru 574143, Karnataka (NAAC Accredited, Affiliated to VTU, Belgavi and Recognized by the AICTE, New Delhi)

Department Of Chemistry

Laboratory Facilities

The Chemistry laboratory have the following instruments for the study of UG Engineering students.

  • 1
    The Digital Potentiometers for the estimation of amount of Ferrous ammonium sulfate, Conduct o meters for the estimation of acid mixture, pH meters for the determination of pKa of Weak acid, Colorimeters for the estimation of Copper, Flame photometers for the estimation of Na+, K+, Ca2+, Li+ , Hot Air Oven for drying the glass wares, Digital Stop Clock , Hot Plates, Deioniser unit, Distillation Unit etc.
  • 2
    Titration Set Up – For the determination of (i) Chemical Oxygen Demad(COD) (ii) Total hardness of Water (iii) Amount of CaO in Cement Sample (iv) Amout of Cu & Fe in Ore/alloy (v) Total alkanlity in the sample.