Department Of Computer Science and Engineering


The research details pertaining to PhD degree who have completed and pursuing in this Research Centre is as under.

Sl.No Name Candidate Institute Research Topic Guide Status
1 Dr Shivakumar G S Jawaharlal Nehru Techological University(JNTU)-Hyderabad A robust Spectral -Spatial Based Active Learning Approach for Efficient Classification of Remote Sensing Images Dr.S Natarajan, PES University, Bengaluru Completed / Recognised research supervisor by VTU
2 Dr.Rajesh D S Mangalore Univesity e-FACE,Efficient Face detection and recognition algorithms for uncontrolled environment Dr.B H Shekar, Mangalore Univesity Completed
3 Mrs. Padmanayana VTU, Belgavi A Computational Method for Modelling Age Invariant face Recognition and Retrieval Dr.Shubha P Bhat, Karavali Institute of Technology,Mangalore Pursuing
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