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Industry visit Jet Aerospace Aviation Research Centre and AVT Tea Factory

A batch of 20 students, 5th Semester, Aeronautical Engineering along with Prof. Deepak Raj PY and Prof. Jagadeesh B visited the Jet Aerospace Aviation Research Centre and AVT Tea Factory, Palakkad, Kerala on 13.09.2019 and 14.09.2019. The Research Centre mainly focuses on creating awareness regarding the advancements in UAV and UAS indigenously. Jet Aerospace centre is specialized in the area of UAV research and developments in sectors like Defence Surveillance, Forest Resource Research, Industrial inspection, GIS Mapping, Data Processing, exploitation and transfer using UAV technologies.

Ms.Krithika, HR Manager addressed the students and introduced about the Research Centre. She explained about the functioning of this Unit and brief introduction on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and its importance. Students viewed variety of models exhibiting Quadcopter and jet engines in the centre. Students were given a briefing about the components and materials used in assembling UAVs, assembling and dismantling etc. During the session, students interacted with the experts very effectively particularly during the Quad copter assembly and had a separate flying session. On the second day on 14.09.2019, students visited AVT tea factory and got the exposure to method of preparation of tea powder from raw plants.

September 25, 2019 Posted By SIT