Capability Enhancement and Development

Growth and development of the students are considered as core values in Srinivasa Institute of Technology, Mangaluru. Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes help the students in the overall development of their personality, meeting the market needs and to excel in the dynamic global environment. Following schemes are followed for the overall development of the students.

Guidance for Competitive Examinations:

The College arranges various Seminars and Lectures from the Competitive Exam Expert Agencies from time to time to encourage the students to prepare for Competitive Examinations. Awareness on the benefits of passing the competitive exams like UPSC, RTO Exam, Bank Exam, GATE etc. are made to understand to the students.

Career Counseling:

Principal, department HODs and Senior faculty members in the respective department addresses the students on the importance of Higher Education, Preparation to the Placement, importance of being placed etc.

Soft Skill Development:

Institute is trying its best for the enhancement of the soft skills and personality development of the students considering them as an integral requirement of business world today. It involves grooming the students on various aspects such as Business Skills, Communication Skills, Presentation skills, Team work, Networking, Time management, Motivation, Confidence building, Leadership skills, Creative thinking, Decision making etc.

Sessions are conducted by the Subject Experts from the Renowned Agencies deliver the sessions for 5 Days in the Odd and Even semesters on various topics pertaining to the soft skills development of the students needed to succeed in the job and meet and exceed the industry expectations. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities covering group discussion, personal interview, presentations etc. origanized at the institute level.

Remedial Coaching:

Slow learners in the classes are identified and are monitored by the subject teachers through Extra classes. Simplified explanations and problems are solved in detail to the slow learners. Students who are on the verge of poor academic performance are counseled and encouraged to keep high spirits.

Language Lab:

To improve the communication and spoken English skills of the students, an interactive Language Lab has been setup. This Lab is equipped with necessary listening, speaking, and writing provisions where the students listen to the native speakers of English and learn the phonetic sounds of the English language.

Bridge Courses:

To bridge the the gap between existing knowledge of the students at the entry level and provide adequate foundation to the core subjects, Bridge courses are conducted at the beginning of the First year classes.

Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga and Meditation is considered as a healthy way of life, a sound activity for stress free living. Institute promotes health benefits among the faculty members and students through Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and Meditation programs are conducted in the institute. Institute celebrates International Yoga day since its inception. Techniques of meditation and various postures (Asanas) are performed to lead a healthy and stress free life.

Personal Counseling:

Students often encounter problems and difficulties which needs a timely resolution. For this, Student Counseling Cell is created in the college. This cell serves as a platform to the students to discuss their problems related to Academic, Career, Personal etc. and provide an appropriate solution.

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