Grievance Redressal Cell

SIT Mangalore prioritizes the satisfaction and well-being of its students by establishing a robust Student Grievance Redressal Cell, providing an effective avenue for addressing concerns. To ensure a seamless system for reporting grievances, the institution has implemented comprehensive mechanisms, both offline and online.

Through its dedicated web portal, students can submit their grievances, offering a secure platform for voicing concerns without fear of reprisal. Additionally, students have the option to report grievances via email to the Chairperson or any member of the committee. Alternatively, students can contact any member of the Grievance Redressal Cell using the phone numbers provided below. For those preferring in-person communication, students can approach the Chairperson, Co-ordinator, or any committee member directly to report grievances and can submit the filled Student Grievances Form.

These multifaceted approaches underscore SIT Mangalore's commitment to swiftly addressing and resolving student grievances, fostering a secure and inclusive learning environment for all.
Online Grievance Submission on Student Grievances:
Click Here for Submitting Online Grievance
Also students can Submit their Grievances in Dhi using the link :
Email IDs to Complain on Student Grievances:
Contact Information:
• Phone numbers of Grievance Redressal Cell members provided in the committee list.
These measures ensure that students have multiple accessible channels to report their grievances, ensuring confidentiality and prompt action.

The Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted to probe into the student grievances. The Grievance Redressal Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of students whatever be the nature of the problem. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the faculty members in person, or in case the person is unwilling to appear in self, they can also submit their grievance online through College portal.
Link to provide online grievance is Click here

Sl.No Name of the faculty Designation Department E-mail Mobile No.
1 Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya Principal SIT
2 Dr. Prasad P Co-ordinator Nanotech 7975054865
3 Mr. Ravishankar K Member CSE ravi_shankar@sitmng, 9480653185
4 Mrs. Deeksha Member ECE 8971641488
5 Mr. U N Baipadithaya Member MECH 9449936824
6 Mr. Prakash T Member AU 8660472463
7 Dr. Anoop B K Member AIML 9995499280
8 Dr. Surynarayana K Member Phy 9448600906
9 Mrs Rashmi Member MBA 9986277769
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