Why Digital Electronics?

Recent advances in communication technologies have been unprecedented. The migration from analogue communication tools and techniques to digital communication systems has opened up a host of applications in business, entertainment and commerce. Modern sophisticated communication systems include analogue multiplexers, optical-fibre links, digital routers, digital signal processing, and large-scale user-application software tools. Successful integration of such systems has enabled the rapid expansion in internet, mobile communications, e-commerce, and home shopping. Course is beneficial to develop skill in students for successful careers in industry that meet of Indian and Multinational companies companies, through global, rigorous education. It helps to train students with good scientific and engineering breadth, including proficiency in software language and use of latest software tools so as to comprehend, analyze, design and create novel products and solution for the real life problems.

Duration of the course:

2 years

Course Objectives:

M Tech (Digital Electronics), a two-year post graduate degree level course, is designed to make students familiar with the fundamental concepts of digital electronic circuits and design problems, electricity and electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and so on. The candidates can seek admission into the course after successfully qualifying in the entrance examination. One can expect a lucrative career after completing M Tech (Digital Electronics) course.

Career Opportunities:

Candidates can easily avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and service organizations such as broadcasting, consulting, data communication, entertainment, research and development and system support. The candidates can also work in modern multimedia service firms that are involved in real-time transfer of information through video conference and internet broadcasting. Some job types are: Service Engineer, Software analyst, Technical director etc.. There is an ample opportunity for research and innovation by perusing as research engineer or educationists through higher learning.

M.TECH IN DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 58,000 35,500 93,500
KARNATAKA QUOTA 70000 60500 130500
Should qualify any one entrance test like PGCET/GATE*
For NRI Quota Rs.25,000/- Extra for First Year Application & Registration Fee Rs. 1,500/- Hostel Fee Rs. 42,000/- + Mess Charges Rs.3,000/- to 3,500/- month
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