Department Of Computer Science and Design


The Department of Computer Science and Design was established in year 2022-2023. Computer Science and Design (CS&D) is a field that combines principles and practices from Computer science and Design. It focuses on the intersection of technology and creativity to develop new software, applications, and digital products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In Computer Science and Design, computer science principles are used to design and develop software and digital products, while design principles are used to create user interfaces, user experiences, and visual designs. Computer Science and Design encompasses a wide range of topics, including user interface design, user experience design, web development, software engineering, graphics design, and multimedia design. Graduates in CS&D can pursue careers as software developers, web designers, UX designers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists, among others.


To be a centre of excellence in Computer Science and Design with quality education and research, responsive to the needs of industry and society.


To achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching-learning practice.

To inculcate the spirit of innovation, creativity and research.

To enhance employability through skill development and industry-institute interaction.

To develop professionals with ethical values and social responsibilities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

Graduates will be

  • 1
    PEO1: Competent professionals with knowledge of Computer Science & Design to pursue variety of careers and higher education.
  • 2
    PEO2: Proficient in designing innovative solutions to real life problems that are technically sound, economically viable and socially acceptable.
  • 3
    PEO3: Capable of working in teams, adapting to new technologies and upgrading skills required to serve the society with ethical values.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • 1
    PSO1 Foundations of Computer Science: Ability to employ modern computer languages, computing knowledge and standard practices to propose practical ideas and optimal solutions for the development of quality software products.
  • 2
    PSO2 Software design and Development: Ability to develop user interactive systems using engineering skills, design knowledge, programming languages and tools.

Programme Outcome (PO)

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