Department Of MCA


The Department aims in creating Technical Professionals who represent the union of best class room experience and practical exposure.

Department of MCA started in the year 2008, offering three years full time M.C.A. programme affiliated to VTU, Belgaum. It believes in creating intellectual capital that will be a basis for a strong and effervescent world in the commercial arena. With the influx of MNC’s and opening up of the global market, the need for the Computer Science in every dynamics of business has heightened. This has aggravated the necessity of new breed of employees with Technical based training.

The department has been recognized as research center by VTU in 2013 to pursue PhD in the faculty of computer applications.


To create Technical Professional who represent the union of best class room experience and practical exposure to face the global challenges.


To adapt novel methodologies for quality education through experiential learning.

To meet the global needs and challenges through training of professionals who can work with ethics, discipline and interest to support the society.

To have industry-institute interaction in academics, research, development and consultancy including both faculty and students.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSO)

MCA graduates will be able to:

1. Solve real world computing system problems by understanding and applying the principles of mathematics, computing techniques and business concepts of various industries.

2. Design, test, develop and maintain desktop, web, mobile software applications using modern tools and technologies.


  1. 1. Multi-media enabled classrooms with
    • o High-class furniture

    • o Wi-Fi

    • 2. Separate Faculty Rooms
  2. 3. Library facilities
    • o Large Collection of Text Books related to MCA subjects

    • o e-Book Collection-DVDs/CDs

    • o 299 titles and 1892 volumes of books related to MCA subjects

    • o OPAC facility is also provided to the students

    • o Library is having 4 International and 19 National Journals shared by CS/IS/MCA Departments

    • 4. Lockers for students
  3. 5. Purified/Refrigerated drinking water facility


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