Why Computer Science and Design?

Computer Science and Design, mainly aims to develop graduates that are not only well versed with computing approaches, tools, and technologies, but are also experienced with Design approaches and new Media technologies and uses. In recent years, the rise of digital design tools has allowed designers to incorporate computer science principles and techniques into their work. In addition, computer science has also become an important field for designers who want to create interactive and dynamic products.

Duration of the course: 4 Years
Course Objectives:

Objectives describe the career and professional accomplishments in five years after graduation that the program is preparing graduates to achieve. The Computer Science and Design program has adopted the following objectives:

  • 1
    Ability to design and implement efficient software solutions using suitable algorithms, data structures, and other computing techniques.
  • 2
    Ability to apply design principles and techniques for developing solutions to human/societal problems.
  • 3
    Ability to effectively use suitable tools and platforms, as well as enhance them, to develop applications/products using for new media design in areas like animation, gaming, virtual reality, etc

The program will prepare students to work in the IT industry as well as the digital media industry like gaming, animation, virtual/augmented reality, etc. The program will also allow students, who want to pursue higher studies, to take up higher studies in CS/IT or in Design.


The department has well established computer laboratories with required number of computer terminals connected to Windows/Linux servers with Internet access. All the necessary software’s required to carry out regular laboratory work and project work are available in the department. These facilities are exclusively for undergraduate students of the department.

Career Opportunities and Job Roles

The scope of opportunities is quite enormous in this field because of a large number of software and IT companies all over the world recruiting these professionals. Career opportunity in various disciplines such as entertainment, arts, games, digital analytics, mobile application development, web/product design, cyber security, and other interactive industries are available around the world.

Job roles include Software Engineer, Games Developer, 3D programmer, Web Developer, Programmer, Cyber-Security Consultant, Data Engineer, Database Graphics Designer, Information Systems Manager, Multimedia Programmer, Machine Learning Engineer, Mobile Application Developer and Systems Architect.

Jobs in various sectors of Government Organization, IT Industry, Education, and Research are also available. Some of the recruiters who specifically look for graduates in this field of engineering are Hyperlink InfoSystem, Infosys, Zensar Technologies, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Toonz etc.

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