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Department Of Electronics and Communication

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department was established in year 2006 for the benefit of students who are keen on knowing subjects from traditional to modern aspects of Electronics. The Department started with under graduate programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering and later added Post Graduate programme with specialization in Digital Electronics  and Ph.D Programme. The department is well equipped with modern laboratory facilities and good infrastructure in terms of hardware and software. Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members are the backbone of the Department. The Department always strive hard to satisfy the knowledge thirst of both students and faculties by organizing workshops/ technical talks / conferences etc.

               The major goal of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is to produce highly knowledgeable, competent and resourceful young engineers who can perform well in a wide variety of job profiles. To achieve this, curriculum provides a strong foundation in both the analytic and technological aspects of E&C Engineering. It also provides ample opportunities to students to work on mini-projects, Main Projects,  develop Aptitude and Communication skills.

Create an educational environment for the students to learn and develop their creativity, innovation, analytical and practical skills with essential professional ethics in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Utilizing our expertise to inculcate best practices in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering education, project realization and services. Providing state-of-the-art resources to lead students to be globally competitive. Producing and providing an ambience for research through publications and patents.

  1. To provide the graduates with Concepts and Strong foundation in Mathematics, Science and Engineering to Devise and Deliver efficient solutions for challenging problems in Electronics, Communications and other Disciplines.

  2. To provide graduates with Theoretical and Practical knowledge of E&C Engineering to Develop Innovative Projects which can Serve Industrial and Social Requirements.

  3. To provide Analytical and Thinking skills to Develop Innovative Ideas for Industry and R&D organizations.

  4. To Inculcate qualities of Teamwork, Leadership and Interpersonal skills and an ethics to work in various organizations.

  5. To motivate Graduates to become Good Human beings for the overall welfare of the Society and our Nation.

  1. ECE graduates are Equipped with Knowledge of Analog and Digital VLSI design, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Communication Areas etc. and are able to work in Core Industries.

  2. ECE Graduates are Equipped with Soft Skills, Aptitude and Technical Skills to work in Various Organizations.

    1. Ability to apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering in Electronics and Communications.

    1. Ability to Design & Conduct Experiments and Analyze data.

    2. Ability to understand and Analyze Multidisciplinary tasks.

    3. Ability to Identify, Formulate & Solve problems in the area of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

    4. Ability to Participate and Compete in Extra Curricular Activities.

    5. Ability to use Modern Engineering Tools, Software and Equipments.

    6. Ability to work on Multidisciplinary Projects.

    7. Ability to Participate and Succeed in Competitive Examinations.

    8. Ability to Gain Good Communication Skills.

    9. Ability to Understand Professional and Ethical Responsibility.

    10. Ability to Engage in Lifelong Learning and Update the Knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

    11. Ability to Transform Innovative Project Outcomes into Patents.