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Department Of MCA

Department Aim

The Department aims in creating Technical Professionals who represent the union of best class room experience and practical exposure.

Department of MCA started in the year 2008, offering three years full time M.C.A. programme affiliated to VTU, Belgaum. It believes in creating intellectual capital that will be a basis for a strong and effervescent world in the commercial arena. With the influx of MNC’s and opening up of the global market, the need for the Computer Science in every dynamics of business has heightened. This has aggravated the necessity of new breed of employees with Technical based training.

The department has been recognized as research center by VTU in 2013 to pursue PhD in the faculty of computer applications.


To create Technical Professional who represent the union of best class room experience and practical exposure to face the global challenges.


  1. To adapt novel methodologies for quality education through experiential learning.

  2. To meet the global needs and challenges through training of professionals who can work with ethics, discipline and interest to support the society.

  3. To have industry-institute interaction in academics, research, development and consultancy including both faculty and students.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

The graduates will be:

  1. To prepare graduates who will be successful professionals in industry, government, academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit and consulting firms.

  2. To prepare graduates who will contribute to society as broadly educated, expressive, ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise.

  3. To prepare graduates who will achieve peer-recognition; as an individual or in a team; through demonstration of good analytical, design and implementation skills.

  4. To prepare graduates who will thrive to pursue life-long learning to fulfill their goals.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSO):

MCA graduates will be able to:

  1. Solve real world computing system problems by understanding and applying the principles of mathematics, computing techniques and business concepts of various industries.

  2. Design, test, develop and maintain desktop, web, mobile software applications using modern tools and technologies.

Programme Outcomes (PO):

MCA program has been designed to prepare graduates for attaining the following program outcomes:

  1. Computational Knowledge: Acquire in depth computational knowledge with an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, computer science and management in practice.

  2. Problem Solving Skills: Ability to identify, critically analyze, formulate and develop computer applications.

  3. Modern Tool Usage: Ability to select modern computing tools and techniques and use them with dexterity.

  4. Development Skills: Ability to design a computing system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as safety, security and applicability.

  5. Interpretation Skills: Ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well informed conclusions.

  6. Societal and Environmental Concern: To understand the impact of system solutions in a contemporary, global, economical, environmental, and societal context for sustainable development.

  7. Professional Ethics: To function professionally with ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in multidisciplinary teams with positive attitude.

  8. Communication Efficacy: Understand and communicate effectively with the computing community and with society at large, regarding complex computing systems activities confidently and effectively by writing effective reports and design documentations by adhering to appropriate standards, make effective presentations and give / receive clear instructions.

  9. Life-long Learning: An ability to appreciate the importance of goal setting and to recognize the need for life-long learning.

  10. Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, conduct literature survey and solve complex computing problems through analysis as well as provide optimal solutions.

  11. Regularity Responsibilities:  Understand and commit to cyber regulations, responsibilities, and norms of professional computing practices.

  12. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Identify a timely opportunity for entrepreneurship and use innovation to pursue and create value addition for the betterment of the individual and society at large.


MCA1 copy

  1. Multi-media enabled classrooms with
    • High-class furniture
    • Wi-Fi
  2. Separate Faculty Rooms
  3. Library facilities
    • Large Collection of Text Books related to MCA subjects
    • e-Book Collection-DVDs/CDs
    • 299 titles and 1892 volumes of books related to MCA subjects
    • OPAC facility is also provided to the students
    • Library is having 4 International and 19 National Journals shared by CS/IS/MCA Departments
  4. Lockers for students
  5. Purified/Refrigerated drinking water facility


The department organizes various programmes for the benefit of staff and students. The department also has the students’ association, MASM (MCA Association of SIT Mangalore) which organizes various activities.

Following are some of the programs organized by the department/MASM

  1. AICTE Sponsored National Level Conference on “Recent Trends in Network Security” during April, 2012.
  2. State Level Inter Collegiate Technical Fest Euphoria (annual event).
  3. Guest Lectures by eminent scholars from Industry and Academia.
  4. Student career guidance program “EXCEL-Reaching Heights” (annual event).
  5. Regular and Vocational Soft Skill Trainings for students by expert trainers.
  6. Inaugural of MCA Association (MASM) with guest lecture.
  7. Inter-Class Competitions.


The staff is well qualified, with some having several years of invaluable industrial experience.

Faculty List

Sl . No Photos Name Qualification Designation Experience
UG PG Ph.D Teaching Industry Research
1   Dr. Shashidhar Kini K. B.Sc M.Sc   Ph.D Professor & Head 22 5 5
2   Mr. Purushotham Tulupule B.Sc MCA Associate Professor 22 0 0
3   Mr. Rajesh Naik B.Sc MCA Associate Professor 16 0 0
4   Mr. Girish Kundar B.Sc MCA Assistant Professor  9.5  0  0
5   Mrs. Shri Vidya K. BCA MCA  – Assistant Professor  5  0  0
6   Mr. Dheeraj H.  BCA MCA (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 5  0.6  0
7   Mr. Karthik Nayak BCA MCA Assistant Professor 2.5  0  0
8   Mr. Sudhesh E. K. B.Com MCA Assistant Professor  10  12  0
9   Mr. Ramesha K BCA MCA Assistant Professor  1 0  0
 10   Mr. Prajwal Rao  BE  M.Tech Assistant Professor 1  0  0