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Department Of MBA

Department Aim

The MBA Program’s primary objective is to prepare students for management leadership in business administration by providing them with the necessary managerial skills. This program aims at developing student’s ability to work effectively with others. To achieve these ends, the program offers learning experiences designed to stimulate receptiveness to new ideas and new ways of approaching problems. The ultimate success of the program and the main objectives in the design of curriculum is the students’ ability to meet the challenges and demand of management in the future. The Department is recognized as VTU Research Center.


To be a recognized  department where intense personal engagement in management programmes that cultivates a life long commitment to society.


By offering education for lifelong success  in a constantly  evolving management world through a commitment to individualized attention, exceptional teaching and academic excellence.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

  1. Postgraduates will be able to use knowledge of management science in broad range of various industries.

  2. Postgraduates will be equipped with quantitative and qualitative skills to gain expertise in specific field and gain reputation in business world.

  3. Postgraduates of the program will acquire necessary managerial skills which enables them to perform in multidisciplinary environment.

  4. Postgraduates of the program will be able to implement corporate governance and societal values in the real life situation with professional ethics.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSO):

  1. Postgraduates will be able to undertake diverse careers in global management, administration and entrepreneurship.

  2. Postgraduates will be able to think critically, communicate effectively and be able to manage interpersonal relationships.

  3. Postgraduates will be able to exhibit creativity and innovations that lead to entrepreneurial ventures.

  4. Postgraduates will be quality managers who act in global, ethical, societal, ecological, and commercial awareness.

Programme Outcomes (PO):

  1. Postgraduates will demonstrate the knowledge of marketing, finance and human resource.

  2. Postgraduates will demonstrate the ability to identify opportunities and issues in business environment.

  3. Postgraduates will demonstrate the ability to conduct research, analyse and interpret data

  4. Postgraduates will demonstrate the ability to work in team, as well as do multitasking in various disciplines.

  5. Postgraduates will demonstrate the ability to solve accounts, financial management related problems.

  6. Postgraduates will demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.

  7. Postgraduates will be able to communicate effectively both verbal and written forms

  8. Postgraduates will have confidence to apply management solutions in global and societal contexts.

  9. Postgraduates should be capable of self education and clearly understand the value of lifelong learning.

  10. Postgraduates will show the impact of management related tasks in the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.

  11. Postgraduates who can participate and succeed in competitive examination.


MBA copy

  1. Multi-media enabled classrooms with

      2. Separate Faculty Rooms

      3. Wi Fi Facility

      4. Library facilities

  • Large Collection of Text Books related to Management subjects, Journals
  • e-Book, E Journals, Collection-DVDs/CDs
  • OPAC facility is also provided to the students

      5.Lockers for students

      6.Purified/Refrigerated drinking water facility


The department organizes various programmes for the overall development of the students. The department has the students’ association, VOLMAS (Vision of Learning of Management Students Association of Srinivas) which organizes various activities like Management fests, Industrial Visits, Seminars, Competitions, Management Exhibitions etc. These activities are organised to develop various skills among the students. A national level management fest “SRIYANS” is conducted every year. The fest attracts various students from the state and outside the state. A national level seminar is organized every year for the faculty. Eminent personalities from industry and academic circles are invited for delivering guest lectures for the benefit of students and staff. Students are taken to various industries to get first hand experience of industrial work culture.



Sl.No Photos Name Qualification Designation Experience
UG PG PHD Teaching Industry Research
1 Dr. Ajoy Joseph B.Sc MBA Ph.D Professor & Head 16 9 10
 2   Dr. Anil Kumar K  BCOM  MBA  Ph.D  Professor  11  5  4
3   Dr. Radhakrishnan K. BA MBA, MA, M.Ed, M.Phill Ph.D, NET Associate Professor 10 6 4
4    Dr. Ambika G. Mallya  B.Sc  MA  Ph.D Associate Professor  14  5  8
5   Mr. Hariprakash U. P BBM MBA    (Ph.D) Associate Professor 16 5 2
6   Mr. Steevan.Robert. Tellis B.Sc MBA (Ph.D) Assistant Professor  10  3  0
7   Mrs. Veena S. Rai LLB LLM, MBA, PGDMM (Ph.D) Assistant Professor  15  0  0
8   Mrs. Rashmi BBM MBA, PGDMM, M.Com Assistant Professor  9  0.3  0
7   Mr. Guruprasad Pai B. BE MBA (Ph.D) Assistant Professor  6.5  0  0
8   Mr. Praveena D. B.Com MBA, M.Com (Ph.D) Assistant Professor  7.5  0.5  0
9   Mrs. Mallika BBM MBA, PGDCA  – Assistant Professor  3.5  0.5  0
10   Mr. Krishna Shenoy Kudgi BBM MBA  – Assistant Professor  4  1  0